Sunday, August 2, 2009

easy pudding recipes

ok.. tried to type in burmese, it was absolute torture.....

where do we start...
ok , it will be about making pudding in less than 20-30 minutes provided that you have all the necessary ingredients at home

Here we go... dummies guide to steamed pudding ....


1 . Vanilla Essence , most likely not everyone has it at home. You can get in from NTUC, cold storage, Sheng Song .....

2. Eggs ... lets say five eggs for 2-3 people

3. milk .. milk and egg ratio shall be 1.5 : 1

4. brown sugar from NTUC

5. white bread 2-3 slices

We need a fork, a bowl large enough to hold five eggs, milk, sugar and bread. A metal container to put the mixture and a pen for steaming.

to be continue....